Curt Kruger

Co-Founder and Current Director with Trail Partners
Marin County, California

Curt Kruger is a co-founder and current director of Trail Partners, a collaboration of user groups that developed the “Slow & Say Hello” safety and resource protection program in California’s Bay Area. He has worked with public land managers over the past 8 years to gain their support in making “Slow & Say Hello” their primary trail safety effort. Curt & the Trail Partners team developed a safety and resource protection workshop for high school mountain bike teams. The workshop, called Tails & Tires has since expanded its reach to include equestrian organizations, hikers and other trail users.

Curt’s 4 decades of marketing experience with environmental products provides him with insight into behavior patterns and effective communication. Curt was raised on the East Coast, spent a decade in the mountains of Idaho and few years in Abu Dhabi before moving to California, where he lives with his wife Monte.

Curt received an MBA from University of California (Berkeley) and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.


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