Christie Bruner

Community Engagement Supervisor, Healthy St. Pete with St. Petersburg Parks & Recreation

Christie Bruner has a vested interest in health and wellness initiatives in the community and has more than 20 years of experience with sports and fitness for both children and adults. She enjoys combining her passion for wellness and her knowledge of fitness in the role of Community Engagement Supervisor with Healthy St. Pete and the City of St. Petersburg. Christie’s mission is to educate families and communities about the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle. She excels at inspiring individuals and groups to make healthy lifestyle choices and empowering them to continue these habits in the future. Christie believes that relationship building and establishing powerful, mutually beneficial partnerships is key to creating health equity in our community. Christie is a former NCAA All-American swimmer and an avid runner. She has three daughters and has been married to Dusty for 17 years. She regularly volunteers in the community and has been instrumental on the local level in Pinellas County as well as the state level bringing awareness to healthy school issues.

Contact: [email protected]


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