2011 NRT Photo Contest

American Trails sponsors the annual Photo Contest for National Recreation Trails. In celebration of these great trails we are presenting awards in several categories to highlight the diversity of NRTs, from backcountry trails to urban greenways. Here are our picks from the 275 entries for 2011.

Trail Use Categories


Wetland Wonders Walk in Utah
photo by Roxie Crouch


Great Allegheny Passage in Maryland
photo by Mary Shaw (c)

Equestrian Trails

Metolious-Windigo National Recreation Trail in Oregon
photo by Lane Thomas

Hiking and Walking

Chief Ladiga Trail in Alabama
photo by John Morgan

Off-Highway Vehicle Riding

Minooka Park Trail System in Alabama
photo by Mark Alexander

Paddling and Water Trails

Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail in Florida
photo by Doug Alderson, Florida Office of Greenways and Trails

Trail Management Categories

Trail Work

Metolious-Windigo Trail in Oregon
photo by Linda Thomas

Youth and Volunteers

Montour Trail in Pennsylvania
photo by Mary Shaw (c)

Health and Fitness

Berg and Animas Parks Trail System in New Mexico
photo by Jody Carman

Trail Features Categories

Urban Trails and Greenways

Guadalupe River Trail in California
photo by City of San Jose, Department of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services

Rail and Canal Trails

Richard Martin Trail in Alabama
photo by Beth McCreless

Historic Features

Citronelle National Recreation Trail in Alabama
photo by Rob Grant

Scenery and Natural Features

Mountains-to-Sea Trail in North Carolina
photo by Jonathan Canfield

Arts and Interpretation

Montevallo Greenway in Alabama
photo by Andrew Cost

Innovative Facilities

Three Rivers Heritage Trail in Pennsylvania
photo by Mary Shaw (c)

Environmental Features, Flora, and Fauna

Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail in Alabama
photo by Rick Sherman

Artistic Merit Categories

Trail as Photographic Inspiration

Lost Coast Trail in California
photo by Spencer Cross