2008 NRT Photo Contest

American Trails is delighted to present the winners of the 2008 Photo Contest for National Recreation Trails. In celebration of these great trails we are presenting awards in several categories to highlight the diversity of NRTs, from backcountry trails to urban greenways.

Trail Use Categories


Scout's National Recreation Trail in North Dakota
photo by North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department

Equestrian Trails

South Fork of Trinity River National Recreation Trail in California
photo by Julie Green

Hiking and Walking

Mountains-to-Sea National Recreation Trail in North Carolina
photo by Matt Mutel

Paddling and Water Trails

Congaree River Blue Trail in South Carolina
photo by Ron Ahle

Winter Trails

Congressman Ralph Regula Towpath Trail in Ohio
photo by Stark County Park District

Trail Management Categories

Training and Education

Francis Beidler Forest Four Holes Swamp Trail in South Carolina
photo by Mark Musselman

Trail Work

Lake Wobegon National Recreation Trail in Minnesota
photo by Chuck Wocken

Youth and Volunteers

Palisades Long Path National Recreation Trail in New Jersey
photo by Anthony Taranto

Health and Fitness

Sarah Zigler Interpretive Trail in Oregon
photo by Larry Smith

Health and Fitness

Great Allegheny Passage National Recreation Trail in Pennsylvania
photo by Mary Shaw (c)

Trail Features Categories

Urban Trails and Greenways

Great Allegheny Passage in Pennsylvania
photo by Mary Shaw (c)

Rail and Canal Trails

Tunnel Hill State Trail in Illinois
photo by Jonathan Voelz, Johnson County Revitalization Corporation

Historic Features

Erie Canal Heritage Trail in New York
photo by Michael R. King

Scenery and Natural Features

Williwaw National Recreation Trail in Alaska
photo by Cecil Sanders

Innovative Facilities

Brushy Creek National Recreation Trail in Texas
photo by Sallie Burchett, BWM Group

Environmental Features, Flora, and Fauna

Tradewinds National Recreation Trail in Puerto Rico
photo by Jerry Bauer

Artistic Merit Categories

Trail as Photographic Inspiration

Virgin Falls National Recreation Trail in Tennessee
photo by Marty Silver