South Carolina Trails

South Carolina offers hundreds of scenic trails and walking paths.


South Carolina offers hundreds of scenic trails and walking paths. Find your favorite trail, path, or activity, with all the necessary information at your fingertips, by visiting

South Carolina Trails encourages trail users to find their path, as well as the development of trails — in every region of the state — connected to a variety of natural resources made accessible for a wide array of users. As the state trails program continues to grow, we can greatly increase the opportunities to enjoy the vast range of South Carolina’s treasures through trails.

The South Carolina Dept. of Parks, Recreation and Tourism (SCPRT) operates the central trails program for the State. The South Carolina Trails program provides technical assistance, awards/manages grants, and serves as a clearinghouse for a variety of trail-related activities across the State. SCPRT employs a State Trails Coordinator to provide professional assistance to trail groups in the state. For most groups, the State Trails Coordinator is the first point of contact when undertaking trail construction and planning — serving as an advocate for South Carolina's excellent trails. For more information on South Carolina Trails, contact Neal Hamilton.



South Carolina Trails

Columbia, South Carolina


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