is the innovator in outdoor kit products. Our Trail Bridges, Floating Docks, and Gangways are shipped to you on a small palette and are designed for on-site assembly in remote locations. Constructed of Aluminum including the fasteners, Rolling Barge products are engineered to last a lifetime even in saltwater environments.


Ship Anywhere

Even though our bridges can be up to 48’ long, our kits are engineered with small, light weight parts (no part over 9’ and 40lbs). This allows for extreme remote transportation including ATVs, pack horses, and small planes.

Assemble Anywhere

Dense rain forest or remote tundra, these bridges are designed to be packed in piece by piece and assembled on site. All you’ll need is two socket wrenches and a cordless drill.

Cost Effective

In many cases the delivery cost of a pre-assembled bridge (fiberglass, welded aluminum, welded steel) is higher than the total cost (including delivery) of a Rolling Barge bridge. And our bridge frame can be set in place before the decking is installed making the installation much easier. Even compared to wood bridges, you’ll be surprised that, for the same payload, you’ll pay a lot less if you let Rolling Barge help you cross that creek.


Rolling Barge