Alaska Trails mission is to enhance the Alaska trail experience by supporting sustainable, world-renowned trails through advocacy, education and technical assistance.


Alaska Trails, a nonprofit organization, works educate managers and volunteers in building better trails, and developing better trail-users, including courses in trail building methods and trail route selection.

The group provides funding ideas and sources as well as technical assistance to organizations for on-the-ground trail related projects and programs. Supporters and partners represent a cross section of trail user groups, businesses, government agencies, community organizations, and individuals. Alaska Trails is the only Alaska statewide group providing care for all Alaska trails. Training topics include:

  • Design and development of trails
  • Maintenance
  • Easement acquisition
  • Safety
  • User education

The group hosts the annual Alaska Trails Statewide Trails Conference.

Alaska Trails also developed Introductory Trail Training curriculum for training volunteer trail workers, and has sponsored IMBA Trail Training Schools in Anchorage, Talkeetna, MatSu Valley, and Fairbanks.

Sample Courses from past years

Fundamentals of OHV Trail Management, and Trail Contracting

The course will review trail management basic terminology and concepts - including sustainable design; describe a ten-element framework for OHV trail management; and dig into the technical aspects of trail management objective development (TMOs), terrain evaluation, layout, assessment and evaluation, trail hardening, and best management practices.

Trail Contracting Workshop

A detailed overview of contract preparation (contract types, specifications, terms and conditions, drawings, formats and boilerplate terminology and language, cost estimating, bid schedules, competency provisions, "do's and don't's" pitfalls) and contract inspection/administration in the field (lines of authority, pre-bid actions, contract award, inspection methods and protocols, contractual relations, change orders, disputes and claims, stop work orders, closeout vs termination, default procedures).

Kodiak Island Trails Network Trails Summit

  • Trails Layout & Design
  • Introduction to Sustainable Trails
  • Drainage Control

Wet Crossings Advanced Trail Training

The nine-step Best Management Practices framework for trail hardening in lowland Alaska. This class teaches technical elements on trail assessment techniques and provide detailed technical guidelines for trail hardening. Participants in the class receive additional references that will support their trail management responsibilities or future projects

Sustainable Trail Design & Construction

Learn more about sustainable trail design and layout with the experts. Classes for folks new to trail work and for people looking to further their knowledge of designing and laying out better, more sustainable trails or how to solve problems on existing trails.