National Trails Training Partnership


GOALS of NTTP include:

  • Identifying important trail training programs available around the country through organizations, agencies, universities, and businesses
  • Exploring ways to enhance cooperation on training efforts
  • Developing a clearinghouse of training and a wealth of technical resources
  • Studying target audiences, delivery methods, and special needs
  • Identifying needs and gaps in existing trail training
  • Publicizing model statewide programs for trails training cooperation
  • Creating individual state pages in the Web site to highlight training providers and resources in all 50 States.

Outdoor classroom with the Colorado Outdoor Training Initiative

Outdoor classroom with the Colorado Outdoor Training Initiative

As the lead trail organization for the Partnership, American Trails is also providing on-line details of businesses, products, and services that support trail planning, improvement, and education. American Trails provides workshops on key trail topics for states and local groups to host. We're also doing research to identify needs as well as resources in priority areas such as accessible trails, volunteer development, funding, trail design, construction, and maintenance, nonprofit management, strategic planning, and liability. American Trails is also seeking grants to support the program and develop new training materials and curricula.

We're eager to promote your trails training and publications in our featured training opportunities pages and resources & library area.

The National Trails Training Partnership wants to work with you and agencies and trails organizations nationwide to make training more available. Send us your scheduled workshops and classes, new resources and publications, and suggestions or questions.