NRT Ambassador Program

American Trails is seeking motivated volunteer Trail Ambassadors that are willing to gather information on as many of the National Recreation Trails in their region as possible and identify issues and updates on these great trails.


The Program

National Recreation Trails (NRTs) are some of America’s finest trails. With almost 1,300 trails in the database, NRTs include trails for all users types (equestrian, atv/utv, motorcycle, snowmobile, hiking, mountain biking, water), are located in urban and rural settings, and are managed by a variety of Federal, State, and local managing agencies.

American Trails has managed the database of these unique trails and has launched a new program to organize Trail Ambassadors to inform, preserve, and protect these national treasures. If you would like to apply to be among the first cadre of NRT Trail Ambassadors, please apply via the link below.

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The Ambassadors

Volunteer NRT Trail Ambassadors are responsible for contacting the managers of NRTs, reviewing the data gathered on the NRTs in their assigned regions, gathering data that is outdated and/or missing, and in some cases hiking the length of each trail and uploading centerline GPX data for each trail.

You can find more information on the responsibilities of NRT ambassadors at this link.

Pre-requisites for becoming an NRT Trail Ambassador

Individuals interested in volunteering for the NRT Trail Ambassador program must meet the following requirements:

How do I become involved?

Individuals and organizations interested in participating in the Trail Ambassador program are welcome to submit an application.


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