Trails Coordinator

Posted: June 07, 2021
Location: Morgantown
Time Commitment: Full-time

Works under the supervision of the Assistant Director of the Board of Park and Recreation Commisions of Morgantown (BOPARC). This position oversees the trails component of the Parks Division and is responsible for the management functions therin. Performs trail assessments, oversees volunteer program, supervises and actively participates in BOPARC trail services on a daily basis. Consults on trail related projects, maintains a daily work log as well as a record of in-progress projects. Oversees needed repairs and trail maintenance. Provides trail support for special events and programs as needed, coordinates special projects as assigned, communicates with contractors and monitors the same.

Job Responsibilites

Professional Knowledge and Skills

  • Oversees the daily functional operations of the BOPARC trail system, including assessments, inventory, repairs, tracking of status and erosion control as well as other standard trail components.
  • Actively participates in the day-to-day projects, construction, repairs and upkeep of BOPARC trails.
  • Ensures quality standards are met with the trail system, reports issues and presents solutions.
  • Consults on maintenance related projects and issues. Coordinates seasonal staff preparation, maintains work logs and other operational records, provides maintenance support and troubleshoots operational issues.
  • Oversees the trail volunteer program, including training, record-keeping, supervision of projects.
  • Maintains a working knowledge of significant trends and development in field.

Organizational Procedures, Expense Management and Accountability

  • Understands, enforces and upholds organization policies and procedures.
  • Formulates and submits budgetary reporting information and required procurement documentation.
  • Ensures staff adherance to applicable employment laws, regulations, procurement policies, recordkeeping and reporting.
  • Maintains an effective and secure record keeping system for master inventory, equipment, etc.
  • Follows organizational procurement guidelines, including three-price documentation where applicable and presents documentation in a timely manner.

Leadership, Communications and Working Relationships

  • Demonstrates quality in areas of analysis and judgment.
  • Exhibits responsiveness to customers, other organizations and community partners.
  • Maintains an effective, accountable staff within area of responsibilityand confronts difficult situations and solves problems in a creative, complete manner.
  • Delegates tasks and authority appropriately to ensure achievement of division goals.
  • Initiates a working supervisory role when appropriate in order to ensure operational readiness and successful completion of administrative tasks and projects.

Community Collegiality

  • Maintains productive relationships with other governmental departments/entities.
  • Serves as an effective spokesperson for organization within area of responsibility and/or as requested by supervisor.
  • Performs related work and duties as needed or assigned by supervisor.
  • Promotes and image of professional, courteous service as a representative of the City of Morgantown and BOPARC.

Equipment Used

Computer, ATV equipment, telephone, copier, applicable software and technology such that may be specialized equipment used in trail functions, small to mid-size construction equipment (skid steer, excavator, ATV, truck with trailer).

Physical/Mental Demands and Position Surroundings

This position spends large portions of the workday in outdoor locations and/or within various community facilities that may or may not be climate controlled. Temperature changes are common. Occasional activities may require fine eyes to hand coordination and some lifting of objects weighing anywhere from 20 lbs. to 50 lbs. may be required. Position periodically travels to several parks and locations each day. This position requires the ability to interpret data, formulate complex professional opinions and be able to communicate the same. Must be able to communicate effectivily both verbally and in writing.

Required Qualifications

  • A Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college in Parks Management, Natural Resource Management, Environmental Science
  • A minimum of three years of experience in trail focused environment, preference given for multi-use trail systenm experience.
  • Working knowledge of trail assessment, erosion control, natural/cultural protection, invasive species management.
  • Must be able to operate light duty equipment. Must be able to drive a standard transmission vehicle/equipment.

Desired Qualifications

  • 5+ years of experience in capacity as described
  • Certificate(s) in trail focused planning, development, protection, management from recognized professional organization(s) (American Trails, NRPA, Professional Trail Builders Association).

Salary and Benefits

$33,500-$36,000, FTE w/ Benefits (Health, Eye, Dental available; Pension; Vacation & Sick Leave).

Application Process

To apply, please submit a completed application in one of the following ways:

  1. In Person: BOPARC Administrative Office, 799 East Brockway Ave, Morgantown, WV 26505.
  2. Via Mail: PO Box 590, Morgantown, WV 26507
  3. Via Email: [email protected]. SUBJECT: Employment Application