Superior Hiking Trail Association

The Superior Hiking Trail Depends on Volunteers!

Posted: October 26, 2020

photo credit: McGhiever

Superior Hiking Trail bridge over Temperance River, Temperance River State Park, Minnesota

Over 300 volunteers put in over 8,000 hours every year to keep the Superior Hiking Trail in great shape. Whether serving as a trail or campsite adopter or contributing to our Trail Renewal Program efforts, we strive to ensure volunteers are safe and successful in their work along the Trail.

Why volunteer with us? It’s a great opportunity to:

  • Give back to the Trail.
  • Make new friends.
  • See the Trail from a different perspective.
  • Have FUN!

Application Process

Are you interested in volunteering with us? Click here to enter the SHTA Volunteer Portal. Once you’re in the portal, you can create your volunteer profile, find and “follow” volunteer opportunities to get alerts when they’re posted, and get registered to join us on the Trail!