Syracuse-Wawasee Trail

Syracuse-Wawasee Trail

Posted: June 25, 2018
Location: Syracuse, Indiana
Time Commitment: TBD

We have a variety of volunteer opportunities but there are two that I will highlight. Both are for the Syracuse-Wawasee trail in Syracuse, IN. Volunteers can reach out to me (Megan) and my contact information is at the bottom of this e-mail. The projects are:

  1. 1. Create a comprehensive maintenance map. This would require the volunteer to walk our 12+ miles of trail and record the condition of each section. Ideally the volunteer would also be proficient in Excel and be able to enter the data that they collect into a spreadsheet.
  2. 2. Help us get our history straight. This volunteer would go through old newspapers and extract stories about the trail system. They would then find these articles online and link them to our website.

Required Qualifications

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Application Process

Contact Megan McClellan for more information.