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Field Assistant

Posted: April 04, 2019
Location: Vermont
Time Commitment: Tentative: May 1st – October 31st

The Field Assistant is a critical position to the annual success of the GMC Field Program. The Field Assistant serves as the bridge between year-round staff at the GMC office in Waterbury and the seasonal field staff implementing project and program completion on the trail. Field assistants have a depth of experience in trail construction, crew management, seasonal staff supervision, backpacking and backcountry living, public education, and naturalist skills.

The Field Assistant will supervise seasonal Caretaker positions, Long Trail Patrol crews, and Volunteer Long Trail Patrol crews. Caretaker positions are stationed at backcountry sites that are adjacent to fragile natural communities or ecosystems to provide public education, site upkeep, and trail maintenance on a 6- to 30-mile section of trail. Professional and volunteer Long Trail Patrol crews complete trail-based work projects at various sites around the 500-mile Long Trail System, which includes the AT in Vermont. The Field Assistant ensures a fluid field season through facility and gear management, training, supervision, and trail management and logistical support of caretakers and crews.

Job Responsibilites

  • Facility and Gear Management
  • Maintain an inventory of sharp, handled, ready to work tools, small engine equipment, and camping gear to support regional caretakers and trail crews
  • Serve as the main bridge of communication between seasonal field staff and year-round GMC staff and partners regarding day-off housing use, maintenance, and logistics
  • Training
  • Work with Field Programs Staff to prepare an enhanced field staff training
  • Identify additional workshops/content that we are currently lacking and develop a training plan for said content
  • Prepare and implement training workshops and materials
  • Supervision
  • Conduct project visits with Leads to ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of the scope, design, and reporting requirements of each project they are assigned.
  • Ensure seasonal field staff remain on set project scheduling timelines
  • Visit crews regularly (typically once per week) to ensure project progress and quality, support personnel needs, and provide constructive feedback to leads and crew to build broad based skills in seasonal employees
  • Trail management and logistical support
  • Plan and implement spring privy runs
  • Assist with hiring for Fall season as needed
  • Read and file Lead reports and complete mid-season and end-of-year reporting
  • Support caretakers and crews through advance materials planning, acquisition, and delivery for work projects, privy maintenance, and general site work
  • Ensure crews are prepared for pack-in and pack-outs, complete all project reporting paperwork, collect and save project photographs, and attend to any other logistical and administrative needs
  • General GMC Field Program Support
  • Attend weekly field program meetings
  • Coordinate with GMC Field Program office staff on all aspects of the field program implementation
  • Communicate with agency partners as needed about field projects and staff housing.
  • Support volunteers and groups on an as-needed basis
  • Support the Intern program as assigned by the Field Supervisor
  • All other duties as assigned

Required Qualifications

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Wilderness First Aid certification required (class available during training); WFR preferred
  • Extensive trail building and maintenance skills. experience with trail building tools
  • Experience in leadership positions, preferably in trail crew or outdoor education
  • Comfort and experience instructing others in diverse work environments
  • Strong backcountry living skills, including cooking and waste management
  • Ability to problem-solve independently and collaboratively in the backcountry
  • Ability to adhere to weekly work schedules and flexibility to adjust schedules as required by project developments
  • Ability to perform difficult manual labor and to carry heavy loads as a regular part of the work day
  • Experience working with agency and project partners
  • Ability to live independently and work in a remote area with little supervision
  • Knowledge of Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics
  • Basic knowledge of Long Trail/Appalachian Trail system
  • Ability to effectively communicate with individuals and groups
  • Environmental and/or outdoor education experience

Salary and Benefits

$520-$550/ weekly

Application Process

Please read descriptions of positions before applying. We prefer that you submit an online application.

You can submit a paper application:

Attn: Director of Trail Programs

The Green Mountain Club 4711 Waterbury-Stowe Road

Waterbury Center, Vermont 05677

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