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Ten National Recreation Trails to Check Out in New York

April 09, 2019
In honor of the International Trails Symposium and Training Institute, being held in Syracuse, New York this month, we have put together a list of ten National Recreation Trails to visit in New York State. These are just a sample of the dozens of NRTs located in New York State, so get out there and explore.

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National Recreation Trails to Visit This Spring

March 22, 2019
Spring is in the air, and it is the perfect time to explore nature and view wildlife on our nation’s National Recreation Trails. Wildflowers are starting to bloom, birds are out in abundance, the weather is getting warmer, and these NRTs are some of the best trails out there to experience it all.

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2018 NRT Photo Contest Winners Announced

February 19, 2019
The results are in! Here are our picks from the 136 photos submitted for the 2018 photo contest.

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Five National Recreation Trails to visit this Thanksgiving

November 16, 2018
Check out these five National Recreation Trails that are perfect for celebrating Thanksgiving!

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Eleven National Recreation Trails to visit this October

October 09, 2018
October is the official month for all things spooky, which means for trail enthusiasts, it’s the perfect time to visit these sinisterly named National Recreation Trails.

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19 new National Recreation Trails added to the National Trail System

June 04, 2018
19 new National Recreation Trails in 17 states, adding more than 370 miles to the national recreation trails system of more than 1,000 trails in all 50 states.

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2017 NRT Photo Contest Winners

February 28, 2018
American Trails sponsors the annual Photo Contest for designated National Recreation Trails. In celebration of these great trails we are presenting awards in several categories to highlight the diversity of NRTs, from backcountry trails to urban greenways. Here are our picks from the 275 entries for 2017.

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What’s a National Recreation Trail?

April 04, 2017
From ancient waterways to old rail lines, National Recreation Trails are all about moving outdoor experiences.

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