Trail Worker Award

This award recognizes an individual that has made outstanding contributions and provided consistent support for trail planning, development, or maintenance. It is intended to recognize the efforts of a private or public sector individual working for enhanced trail recreation on either the local, state, or national level.


Texas: Mike Cox

Over the last two years, Mike has picked up well over 200 bags of trash and he continues to monitor the area around Jacob’s Ladder in Waco.

The City of Waco Parks and Recreation Department offers a free lunchtime hiking program that takes citizens winding through Cameron Park’s extensive 20 mile off road trail system.

Mike Cox, a regular participant in the hiking program, noticed trash near the steep slope adjacent to Jacob’s Ladder, one of the park’s more popular trail features, and decided to clean the area himself. Mike took it upon himself to arrive early to the lunchtime hike each Tuesday and Thursday to clean the renegade trash in this challenging terrain. In addition to Jacob’s Ladder, he also took trash bags and a picker on each hike to rid the trails of litter. Mike often picked up 2-3 bags of trash during each hike.

In a time when so many people are looking for others to clean their city, Mike took the job into his own hands. If everyone had Mike’s attitude, willingness, and sense of responsibility to do their part concerning litter, our parks would be a litter free place for all to enjoy.

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