Education and Communication


Sensible, Courteous Off Road Enthusiasts (SCORE) - Pennsylvania

ATV safety training class

SCORE encourages safe OHV riding.

SCORE is an education program for participants in off-highway recreation to show that responsible off-highway enthusiasts respect the environment and other users of Pennsylvania forests and woodlands.

The Pennsylvania Off Highway Vehicle Association wants everyone who rides ATVs and off highway motorcycles to play by the rules of good behavior. SCORE demonstrates important measures that should be taken to protect wildlife and the natural habitat in riding areas.

At the same time, the presentation promotes courteous behavior toward other trails users like hikers and horseback riders. SCORE encourages safe riding measures. The importance of wearing protective clothing while riding and vehicle maintenance are addressed.

Similarly, SCORE demonstrates the necessity of following state and local laws when riding off highway vehicles.

In partnership with the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC), SCORE created the Pennsylvania Off Highway Vehicle Association technical library.

This library was established as a complete guide for off road recreation and contains 1600 pages of data. Usage of the technical library is taught as part of the SCORE training and is a wealth of knowledge ranging from Trail Construction Manuals to ATV laws in Pennsylvania.

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