International Partnership Award

This award recognizes an outstanding partnership— outside of the United States— that enhances the trails movement within a specific country or countries.


Red Latinoamericana de Senderismo (Latin American Hiking Network)

Latin American Hiking Network participants

Red Latinoamericana de Senderismo (Latin American Hiking Network) was founded on October 6, 2012 in Piriápolis, Uruguay, during the First Conference for Planning and Management of Trails in Mercosur.

Various public and private institutions from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela solidified efforts to collaborate by signing an agreement to foster democratic hiking in Latin American countries. This innovative document, called the Declaration of Piriápolis, defined the principles and bases for action of a Hiking Network in Latin America.

Since its establishment, the network has developed an extensive website with resources for hiking in Latin America; created a forum to integrate individual hikers and hiking organizations of Latin America; created the Latin-American Review of Hiking and Trails; and adopted and disseminated the Pega Leve campaign, an effort to minimize impact in natural areas.

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