Corporate Award

A business or corporation must have demonstrated significant, sustained, and exemplary service to trails planning, implementation, and/or recreation.


Principal Riverwalk, Des Moines, Iowa

The Principal Riverwalk deserves recognition for its great contribution to Iowa by its highlighting the revitalization of downtown Des Moines.

This project is designed to link the areas east and west of the Des Moines River at the heart of downtown with walking paths along the river banks as well as bridges to connect them.

Not only does The Principal Riverwalk tie in local amenities to stimulate growth, it also links to Des Moines' system of trails as well as the American Discovery Trail.

The Principal Riverwalk provides a unique atmosphere that cares for natural habitat, incorporates public art, ensures safety at all times, ties in many functions of the community, and allows accessibility for all.

The Riverwalk will encourage the community of the Greater Des Moines area to become more connected and will stimulate further economic development and related activity in downtown Des Moines, which is already increasing.

As the project nears completion, more people will be willing to participate in its inviting outdoor atmosphere. This project is an excellent example of how trails have the capacity to connect community, economy and the environment. The Principal Riverwalk will inspire this connection in Des Moines for years to come.

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