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The awards celebration was held in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Nov. 16, 2010.

The awards celebration was held in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Nov. 16, 2010.

Winners of Advancing Trails Awards for 2010

2010 Hulet Hornbeck Award

Kurt Loheit

Kurt Loheit is a passionate outdoorsman, who has been instrumental in organizing and leading trail programs with the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy (PVPLC) and numerous other organizations across the nation.

2010 Best Trails State Award


Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will spend $35 million dollars on trails over the next year.

2010 Partnership Award - Level 1

Tennessee Valley Authority and the Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association

Hikers and mountain bikers can enjoy the outdoors on Raccoon Mountain as a result of a continued partnership between the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association.

2010 Community Service Award

Coal River Group

In 2004, the Coal River was listed as one of the ten most endangered rivers in the country. Partly because of the river’s listing, the Coal River Group was formed.

2010 Public Service Award

Senator Robert H. Plymale

As an advocate for trails throughout southern West Virginia, Senator Plymale has been a key player in the development of public trails for recreation and alternative means of transportation.

2010 Outstanding Media Award

Bob Fulcher

For more than 10 years now, Bob has hosted a grassroots music radio show.

2010 Trails and the Arts Award

Slavic Village Development and Cleveland Public Art and Parkworks

The Slavic Village neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio boasts the first urban rail-trail conversion in the City, the Morgana Run Trail.

2010 Trails for Health Award

Step Into Cuba Alliance

Step into Cuba is a program to promote healthy physical activity through development of sidewalks, paths, trails, social support, and opportunities for lifestyle change in the Village of Cuba, New Mexico.

2010 State of the Art Technology Award

City of San Jose, Department of Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Services

San José’s Trail Network provides opportunities for recreation and commuting and is enjoyed by thousands of residents each day.

2010 Trail Sharing Award

Ride With Respect

The "Sovereign Trail" in Moab is the only single track trail system in the immediate Moab area that is open to motorcycles.

2010 Kids and Trails Award

Student Conservation Association

During the summer of 2009, the Student Conservation Association (SCA) brought kids and trails together on 103 crews in 18 cities and major metropolitan areas across the nations.

2010 Planning and Design Award - Level One

Tennessee Riverpark

The development of the park and trail system was a turning point for Chattanooga and now its Riverfront Renaissance Story is being told internationally.

2010 Corporate Award

Lyndhurst Foundation

The Lyndhurst Foundation has demonstrated tremendous support and exemplary service for trails planning and development in the east Tennessee and north Georgia region.

2010 Developer Award

The Woodlands

The Woodlands, a Texas master planned community, was recognized with the 2010 American Trails Developer Award.

2010 Hulet Hornbeck Award

Carroll Vogel

Carroll Vogel was the most accomplished trail bridge builder of his generation.

2010 Trail Advocacy

Alabama: Rob Grant

After taking over the Recreational Trails Program for the state of Alabama a few years ago, Rob Grant has managed to create an enthusiasm throughout the state of Alabama that has never existed as far as I am aware.

2010 Trail Advocacy

Alberta TrailNet & Alberta Tourism

Alberta TrailNet, Alberta’s provincial trail council, and Alberta Tourism are working with project partners to map all of the approved and authorized trails in the province.

2010 Trail Advocacy

California: Beverly Lane

Beverly Lane's inspiration and commitment have been instrumental in the creation and expansion of many regional trails in the San Francisco East Bay.

2010 Trail Advocacy

Colorado: Kevin Pellini

Kevin Pellini was an exemplary man and an exemplary trails advocate.

2010 Trail Advocacy

Connecticut: Stan Malcolm

Stan Malcolm’s “Along the Air Line...” web site project has grown into a massive photo database of what can be seen along the Air Line Trail in eastern Connecticut— season by season, day by day.

2010 Trail Advocacy

Florida: Herb Hiller

Herb Hiller has been a leading trails and bicycling advocate in Florida for decades.

2010 Trail Advocacy

Illinois: Bev Moore

Bev Moore of the Illinois Trail Conservancy is a true renaissance woman of the trails community.

2010 Trail Advocacy

Indiana: Lori Keys

Lori Keys represents Aboite New Trails, a grassroots organization dedicated to recognizing the need for safe pedestrian and bicycle routes through the area of Fort Wayne.

2010 Trail Advocacy

Iowa: Carl Voss

For over many years, Carl Voss has worked to make Central Iowa more bicycle friendly.

2010 Trail Advocacy

Kentucky: Steve Barbour

A longtime advocate of outdoor activities and recreational hiking, Steve Barbour founded "The Sheltowee Trace Association" in September 2009, and was voted in by Board Members as its first Executive Director.

2010 Trail Advocacy

Louisiana: Kevin Davis

Parish President Kevin Davis is called the Father of the Tammany Trace.

2010 Trail Advocacy

Massachusetts: Wayne Feiden

Wayne is the planning director for the city of Northampton in western Massachusetts.

2010 Trail Advocacy

Missouri: John Roth

John C. Roth was a person who built connections and moved dreams forward.

2010 Trail Advocacy

Minnesota: Ron Potter

Ron Potter has worked for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for close to 34 years.

2010 Trail Advocacy

Montana: Gene Townsend

Gene serves as the Mayor and Trails Coordinator for the City of Three Forks, Montana.

2010 Trail Advocacy

Nevada: Clay Grubb

Clay has been advocating for trails for several years and is currently pushing for a reroute of a section of the Tahoe Rim Trail near Daggett Summit.

2010 Trail Advocacy

New Hampshire: Charles Martin

The New Hampshire Bureau of Trails proudly nominates Charles F. Martin for the 2010 American Trails, Trail Advocacy Award. The Bureau of Trails has been working closely with Charles for over five years and in that time he has made great strides in the trails community.

2010 Trail Advocacy

New York: Ivan Vamos

Ivan Vamos retired in 1993 as the Deputy Commissioner for Planning and Development for NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP) where he was responsible for land and water resource management, development, planning, construction, land acquisition, and environmental programs for more than two decades.

2010 Trail Advocacy

North Dakota: Keri Wanner

Keri Wanner’s is the Program Manager for Snowmobile North Dakota, a non-profit organization representing snowmobilers in North Dakota.

2010 Trail Advocacy

Pennsylvania: David Buck

David Buck serves as the Greenways and Water Trail Coordinator for the Endless Mountains Heritage Region, Inc. (EMHR).

2010 Trail Advocacy

South Carolina: City of Charleston

The City of Charleston is the home of the West Ashley Greenway, an 8-mile trail laid on a former rail line.

2010 Trail Advocacy

Tennessee: Bob Richards

Bob has been a strong supporter of all the different types of trails in Tennessee both non-motorized and motorized trails.

2010 Trail Advocacy

South Dakota: Perry Jewett

Perry Jewett has been instrumental in advocating and supporting the use of the state’s many trails and is the President of Ridge Riders, a mountain biking organization.

2010 Trail Advocacy

Utah: Lynne Olson

Not only has Lynne Olson’s name been on every one of Parleys Rails Trails and Tunnels (PRATT) Coalition’s Corporate documents, but her fingerprints are on every major milestone and stroke of PRATT’s good “luck.”

2010 Trail Advocacy

West Virginia: Ben Stout and Bob Scatterday

Bob “Scat” Scatterday and Ben Stout have been long term advocates for the Wheeling Heritage Trail.

2010 Trail Advocacy

Wisconsin: Menomonee Valley Partners

The Menomonee Valley Partners have assisted in bringing in millions of dollars in grants, in working with foundations, and pursuing private funding to benefit the state’s trails to add bridges, boardwalks, canoe/kayak launches, angler access, and additional recreational trails.

2010 Trail Worker Award

Alabama: Debbie Quinn

Debbie Quinn was nominated for her tireless efforts to promote recreational opportunities and infrastructure improvement within and around her lifelong home, the City of Fairhope, Alabama.

2010 Trail Worker Award

Alaska: Mike Shields

Mike Shields has designed, built and maintained trails throughout the western U.S. and Alaska since 1960, and managed trail systems from 1970 to 1996.

2010 Trail Worker Award

California: Robert Griffis

Robert Griffis was nominated for his efforts on behalf of various local trails, regional agencies, and National Recreation Trails in California and surrounding states.

2010 Trail Worker Award

Connecticut: Joe Hickey

Joe Hickey has given a lifetime of service to protecting and preserving Connecticut’s trails and open space.

2010 Trail Worker Award

Delaware: Delaware Trail Spinners

Since 1992, The Delaware Trail Spinners have donated over 10,000 hours to trail improvements in their state and neighboring Maryland as well as contributed $29,000 towards trail construction.

2010 Trail Worker Award

Florida: Helen Koehler

Helen Koehler is a diehard equine trail advocate in Levy County, Florida.

2010 Trail Worker Award

Idaho: Kristin Lundstrom

Kristin established the “Story Trail” for children and adults.

2010 Trail Worker Award

Illinois: Steve Buchtel

Enthusiasm for his job, for trails and for partnerships are the hallmarks of Steve.

2010 Trail Worker Award

Iowa: Carol Williams

Carol Williams has worked for Story County Conservation since 1986, serving first as an assistant ranger and currently serves as the conservation board’s Special Projects Ranger.

2010 Trail Worker Award

Louisiana: John C. Leslie

John is currently working on seven new statewide ATV trail improvement projects.

2010 Trail Worker Award

Minnesota: David Halsey

Dave Halsey is a free lance writer who has ridden his ATV along the Woodtick trail in the Chippewa National Forest for many years.

2010 Trail Worker Award

Missouri: Kathie Brennan

As a member of the Ozark Trail Association (OTA), Kathie is a high energy, tireless volunteer with a passion for kids and trail building who has immersed herself into almost every aspect of the Ozark Trail (OT).

2010 Trail Worker Award

Montana: John McBride

The late John McBride of Missoula, Montana was Director of the National Smokejumper Association’s Trails Program.

2010 Trail Worker Award

Nevada: Jeremy Vlcan

The Tahoe Rim Trail is pleased to support the nomination of Jeremy Vlcan for the Nevada Trail Worker Award.

2010 Trail Worker Award

New Hampshire: Lainie Castine

The New Hampshire Bureau of Trails proudly nominates Lainie Castine for the 2010 American Trails, Trail Worker Award.

2010 Trail Worker Award

New Jersey: Lew Gorman

Cherry Hill Township is proud to nominate Lew Gorman III for the Trail Worker Category of the 2010 National Trails Awards.

2010 Trail Worker Award

New Mexico: Kerrie Brokaw Pattison

Kerrie Brokaw Pattison grew up in a family of trail builders, and all around her people were enjoying trails, for hiking, bicycling, and motorcycle riding.

2010 Trail Worker Award

New York: Eddie Walsh

Eddie Walsh, a member of the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference (NYNJTC), has been assisting with trail development and maintenance since an early age.

2010 Trail Worker Award

North Carolina: Hillrie Quin

The Highlands Plateau Greenway is a non-profit organization that was created in 2005 by volunteers intent on connecting natural areas and historic sites in the town of Highlands, North Carolina, by walking and hiking trails to shopping, school, and civic destinations.

2010 Trail Worker Award

North Dakota: Marc Brown

Marc Brown’s passion for trails runs deep as an avid trail trial user and the lead trail planner for the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department. Marc’s work can be seen throughout North Dakota’s Park System in the miles of trails he’s helped plan, build and maintain.

2010 Trail Worker Award

Pennsylvania: Terry Wentz

Terry Wentz was born to be outside.

2010 Trail Worker Award

South Carolina: Don Watts

Don Watts is a civilian Natural Resources Technician at Charleston Naval Weapons Station.

2010 Trail Worker Award

Tennessee: Ken Jones

Ken Jones is a remarkable individual who has dedicated his retirement years to improving the trail system in the southeast Tennessee area.

2010 Trail Worker Award

Utah: Max Reid

Max was instrumental in developing the Paiute Trail system, which has a 238-mile main trail with 550 miles of side trails.

2010 Trail Worker Award

Virginia: Sam Jensen

Since joining the staff at Fairy Stone State Park in 2005, Sam Jensen has worked diligently to maintain and improve the two trail systems in the park.

2010 Trail Worker Award

Washington: Joan Melcher

In the early 1990s, Joan Melcher retired as a High School Chemistry teacher from the Issaquah Washington School District.

2010 Trail Worker Award

West Virginia: Ella Belling

Ella became the first Executive Director for the Monongahela River Trails Conservancy in 2000 and helped develop and implement a trail management plan that includes many agency and community partnerships.

2010 Trail Worker Award

Wisconsin: Rich Propp

Rich Propp, a volunteer with the Ice Age Trail Alliance, sets the bar high for the group’s Mobile Skills Crew.

2010 Trail Worker Award

Wyoming: Tony Simek

Tony Simek is an active member of the Cody Country Snowmobile Association.

2010 Trail Advocacy

Ohio: Royce Wood

Royce Wood is a dedicated advocate of recreational trails across the country; paying particular attention to the trails in his current home state of Ohio.