The awards were presented on October 21, 2006, at the 18th National Trails Symposium in the Quad Cities of Iowa and Illinois.

The awards were presented on October 21, 2006, at the 18th National Trails Symposium in the Quad Cities of Iowa and Illinois.

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Winners of Advancing Trails Awards for 2006

2006 Hulet Hornbeck Award

Bill Blass

Bill bicycled to work for 40 years!

2006 Hulet Hornbeck Award

Tom Ross

The FIRST Hulet Hornbeck Awardee is Tom Ross.

2006 Trails for Health Award

Arkansas River Trail Medical Mile Project

The Arkansas River Trail Medical Mile is a multi-year collaboration project between the City of Little Rock and Heart Clinic Arkansas, the state's largest cardiology clinic.

2006 Trails for Health Award

Memorial Hospital Foundation - River Bluff Trail, Logansport, Indiana

The River Bluff Trail is Memorial Hospital's most aggressive and unique campaign for promoting good health behaviors.

2006 Partnership Award - Level 1

American Discovery Trail, Quad Cities Section

The construction of a segment of the American Discovery Trail, completed in 2005, required funding, support and partnership from many entities.

2006 Public Service Award

Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson of Tucson, Arizona, is Principal Planner of Pima County Natural Resources Parks & Recreation Department.

2006 Outstanding Media Award

Des Moines Register, Iowa

The Des Moines Register newspaper has consistently and for many years been a public source of reliable information and strong advocate for trail development on a local, state and federal level.

2006 Trails and the Arts Award

Back to the River, Inc., Iowa

The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Trail tells stories of the Lewis and Clark Expedition through monumental public art and outdoor exhibits in 15 parks and public spaces along 40 miles of the Missouri River.

2006 Planning and Design Award - Level One

Fantasy Island Task Force, Prairie Pathways Interpretive Project

In 2006 there were two well-deserving candidates that have exemplified outstanding success in attracting visitors to trails by combining location with creative design.

2006 Corporate Award

Principal Riverwalk, Des Moines, Iowa

The Principal Riverwalk deserves recognition for its great contribution to Iowa by its highlighting the revitalization of downtown Des Moines.

2006 State of the Art Technology Award

Cedar Valley Trails 911 Signs Project, Iowa

The objective of the signing project was to design a comprehensive method to georeference trail locations for emergency response and asset management purposes.

2006 Trail Sharing Award

Ann Hill, BLM Training Center, Phoenix

Ann is the Recreation Training Coordinator for the Bureau of Land Management.

2006 Trail Sharing Award

Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, Missouri & Illinois

The Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, part of the historic Route 66 Scenic Byway System, was restored in 1999 by Trailnet and the City of Madison, Illinois, as a bicycle/pedestrian bridge.

2006 Trail Advocacy

Arkansas: Jerry Shields

The initiative shown by Jerry serves as a model of what community partners, working with federal, state, and local agencies, can accomplish.

2006 Trail Advocacy

Arizona: Sue Clark & Linda Anderson-McKee

Sue and Linda have been active trails advocates for over 20 years, involving themselves in hundreds of advocacy projects.

2006 Trail Advocacy

Florida: Ken Bryan

Ken Bryan has led the Florida Chapter of the Rails to Trails Conservancy for more than a decade, and has been its elected Chair since 2002.

2006 Trail Advocacy

Iowa: Mark Ackelson

Mark has served as President of the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation since 1994.

2006 Trail Advocacy

Illinois: Chuck Oestreich

Chuck is an action-oriented Board Member and Secretary of the League of Illinois Bicyclists.

2006 Trail Advocacy

Kentucky: Nina Aragon

As Vice-President of the Elkhorn City Area Heritage Council, Nina is one of its public faces.

2006 Trail Advocacy

Maine: Sally Jacobs

Fifteen years ago Sally Jacobs formed the Sunrise Trail Coalition to encourage the state to convert the "Calais Branch" rail bed to an all-season shared use recreational trail.

2006 Trail Advocacy

Montana: Darlene Tussing

Darlene Tussing is the Alternate Modes Coordinator for the city of Billings.

2006 Trail Advocacy

New Hampshire: Gail Hanson

As the Executive Director of the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association, Gail Hanson is there to help sustain the future of snowmobiling.

2006 Trail Advocacy

Nevada: Erin Casey

As Associate Director of the Tahoe Rim Trail Association, Erin's mission is to enhance the Tahoe Rim Trail system and encourage stewardship through volunteer programs, educational outreach, and community partnerships.

2006 Trail Advocacy

Utah: Ann Parr

Ann has served on the Utah Recreational Trails Advisory Council for six years, and was Vice Chair for 2005.

2006 Trail Advocacy

West Virginia: Martha Ballman

Martha is currently President of the WV Trails Coalition.

2006 Trail Worker Award

Arizona: Mark Flint

Mark is nominated for his leadership as Co-Chair of the Cienega Corridor Construction Project under the Arizona Trail Association.

2006 Trail Worker Award

California: Ray Ford

Ray is a current Board Member and past President of Los Padres Forest Association.

2006 Trail Worker Award

Alabama: Brooke Beazley

Brooke assisted the Chilton County Commission to develop Minooka Park, Alabama's first motorized park.

2006 Trail Worker Award

Florida: Tom Daniel

In 2004, Hurricane Ivan destroyed Tom's home and over fifty miles of existing Florida Trail.

2006 Trail Worker Award

Iowa: Gerry Rowland

Gerry Rowland is known across Iowa as "the guy who started the water trails movement in Iowa."

2006 Trail Worker Award

Illinois: Jerry Yockey

Jerry's dedication to work, family, and community is the driving force behind implementing one of the most successful trail development partnerships ever at Lake Shelbyville

2006 Trail Worker Award

Indiana: Greg Midgley

As President of the National Road Heritage Trail, Inc., Greg has spent the last couple of years advancing this cross-state trail.

2006 Trail Worker Award

Kansas: Frank Meyer

Frank's passion is for Rail-Trail development.

2006 Trail Worker Award

Kentucky: James Stapleton

As a member of the Elkhorn City Area Heritage Council, James was the key organizer for the IMBA Trail Care Crew visit, held March 16-19, 2006.

2006 Trail Worker Award

Montana: Jocelyn Dodge

Jocelyn serves as a Recreation Forester on the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest in Montana.

2006 Trail Worker Award

New Hampshire: Dianne Raymond

As the Trail Administrator for the Sullivan County ATV Club, Dianne truly demonstrates, through dedication and a love for the sport, the value of volunteerism.

2006 Trail Worker Award

Nevada: Janet Carson

Janet Carson, Project Manager for the Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway, is a gal who makes things happen.

2006 Trail Worker Award

Oregon: Jim Talburt

In 1998, soon after retiring from the Forest Service, Jim Talburt founded The Motley Crew, a hard-working volunteer trail maintenance crew who average about 1,800 hours each year. All members are over the age of 61.

2006 Trail Worker Award

South Carolina: Bill Victor

The many mountain bicycling and hiking trails in the Central Savannah River area have blossomed from the hard work of a "detonator in the explosion of trails," Bill Victor.

2006 Trail Worker Award

Washington: Sid Knutson

As Trail Construction Manager of the Hansville Greenway, Sid led the effort to provide Kitsap County with volunteer and financial resources to prepare two grant applications for the completion of the Hansville Greenway trails.

2006 Trail Worker Award

West Virginia: Doug Wood

Doug has been involved with WV Scenic Trails Association for so many years, that he has also been given the title of historian, or antiquarian, or archivist!

2006 Trail Worker Award

Wyoming: Matthew Shannon

Matthew Shannon is a Trail Crew Leader with the USDA- Forest Service in Bridger Teton National Forest.

2006 Trail Advocacy

Wisconsin: William E. (Bill) Schumann Coalition

Bill is currently serving his third term as Vice President of the Blue Ribbon Coalition.