Trail Worker Award

This award recognizes an individual that has made outstanding contributions and provided consistent support for trail planning, development, or maintenance. It is intended to recognize the efforts of a private or public sector individual working for enhanced trail recreation on either the local, state, or national level.


Indiana: Milan Kruszynski

Milan Kruszynski works tirelessly in support of the trails in Hammond, Indiana.

Milan is the Director of the Hammond Port Authority and is the chief person responsible for the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the Port Authority including the eight miles of trails in the Robertsdale section of Hammond, not to mention marina and golf course activities.

Milan reports to the board of directors of the Hammond Port Authority and to the Mayor of Hammond, Thomas M. McDermott, Jr. Milan is instrumental in influencing the direction of trail development in the Robertsdale section of Hammond, with over 4 miles of trails developed in the past 3 years, and 4 additional miles of trails planned in the coming year.

Milan actively participates with the design team and City departments in the planning, design and construction of the trail projects, among others. He constantly challenges these groups to create the highest and best experiences for the membersof the community and his influence in these projects resulted in six award winning projects built in Robertsdale in the past three years.

On any given day, Milan can be seen preparing for a meeting and/or presentation to local civic organizations, plowing snow, cutting grass, or hauling boat out of the marina. Milan takes pride in his work. Milan embraces and understands the need to promote non-motorized transportation in his hometown. The heavily urbanized Hammond is home to rust-belt factories, chemical plants, food and personal care processing plants.

Sustainability and environmental concerns are always at the forefront of Milan’s efforts taking time to carefully understand the impacts his work has on his surroundings.

From eradicating invasive species of plants, to voluntary wetland mitigation plans, to supporting trail development and new projects, to promoting the public health and their safety, Milan passionately pursues the best possible solution to environmental issues, openly, conscientiously and compassionately.

Hammond, Indiana Trail System

Hammond, Indiana Trail System

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