This award is for an individual that, like previous board member and trail advocate Hulet Hornbeck, exemplifies long-standing vision and wisdom in support of trails.

2023 Hulet Hornbeck Lifetime Service Award

Janet Phillips

Janet Phillips was no stranger to the complexity of water politics in the West. She toiled for years on heated issues involving the Truckee River.

2019 Hulet Hornbeck Lifetime Service Award

Rory Robinson

During his 36 year career with the National Park Service (NPS), Rory worked in five different NPS units, primarily in the fields of interpretation and cultural resources management.

2017 Hulet Hornbeck Lifetime Service Award

Reese Lukei, Jr.

Reese’s keen sense of purpose and visionary ideas have helped organizations to grow and prosper.

2015 Hulet Hornbeck Award

Steve Griswold

Steve Griswold dedicated his career in service to championing good trail practices and molding successful trail programs and crews within countless National Parks across America.

2015 Hulet Hornbeck Award

Mel Huie

Mel Huie has been an enthusiastic supporter, advocate, and planner of trails in the Portland area for more than three decades and serves as Metro’s Trails Coordinator.

2013 Hulet Hornbeck Award

Steve Elkinton

In 1989, Steve Elkinton was selected as the program leader for the National Trails System in the National Park Service’s Washington headquarters office.

2010 Hulet Hornbeck Award

Kurt Loheit

Kurt Loheit is a passionate outdoorsman, who has been instrumental in organizing and leading trail programs with the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy (PVPLC) and numerous other organizations across the nation.

2010 Hulet Hornbeck Award

Carroll Vogel

Carroll Vogel was the most accomplished trail bridge builder of his generation.

2008 Hulet Hornbeck Award

Ronald G. Strickland

Trail development requires patience, gumption, and inventiveness. Ron began the Pacific Northwest Trail project in 1970.

2008 Hulet Hornbeck Award

Leff Moore

O. L. “Leff” Moore was the “father” of the Hatfield-McCoy Recreation Area, the most innovative motorized trail system in the eastern United States.

2006 Hulet Hornbeck Award

Bill Blass

Bill bicycled to work for 40 years!

2006 Hulet Hornbeck Award

Tom Ross

The FIRST Hulet Hornbeck Awardee is Tom Ross.

2004 Hulet Hornbeck Award

Deb Schnack

Deb Schnack, retired director of the Planning and Development Division of the Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources for demonstrating longstanding, significant, and exemplary service to trail planning, implementation and recreation in the State of Missouri.