Trail Planning & Design Award, Level Two

This award recognizes a project that demonstrates innovative planning and design techniques while making a positive contribution to the community it serves. (Level Two category – more than $500,000).


Greater Yellowstone Trail Concept Plan

Montana Trail crossing rehabilitated railroad trestle

Greater Yellowstone Trail Concept Plan seeks to provide a sustainable, healthy, and authentic way to experience Montana landscapes and history.

By connecting existing and proposed trails, the project will provide a 180-mile world-class trail system linking Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, two state parks, many local parks, and gateway communities over three states.

The Plan addresses concerns in developing the trail system. Sixteen projects were identified with a clear and manageable guide to implementation. Projects ranged from major renovations on existing trail segments to new trail construction. Project information included cost estimates, identification of special environmental challenges, potential stakeholders, and compatible funding programs.

The Greater Yellowstone Trail seeks to build upon past successes and focus future efforts on developing a world-class long-distance trail that will deliver an authentic and sustainable tourism experience while benefiting local communities.

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