Emerging Trail Leader Scholarship Recipient


Berhat ‘Onat’ Alan

Antalya, Turkey

Since 2015, I worked on 3 long distance walking routes (Lycian Way, St Paul Trail, Evliya Çelebi Way) and have experience in routefinding, clearing and maintenance, leading waymarking team, decide and measure positions of signposts, organise making and placing of signs. I led two volunteer groups, and a group of visitng students, so I have experience working with people from different countries. I have contact with and work with Municipalities, village headmen and villagers along the routes to help our work. I wrote media reports of our work and helped with international media reports.

I also researched bicycle and walking trails in the mountains around Antalya, and have done some rock climbing. I have experience with a GPS, Google Earth, photography and computer and social media skills. I assisted making a short film.

In June 2017 I will finish University and I will work on a project to improve the life of people in one village on the Lycian Way. I also want to work on research of routes and trail making in different parts of Turkey.

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