Trails Are Transportation: Restore Eligibility for Trails as Infrastructure

Congress is working on its budget for next year and infrastructure is expected to get a boost in funding—but some leaders want to leave out trails. Act Now! Tell your senator to restore funding eligibility for trails of all types in the new budget funding.


Act Now!

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As part of a plan to rebuild America, Congress is providing an additional $10 billion in next year’s budget for all types of infrastructure. But the current funding bill specifically denies eligibility for trails, walking, and biking projects from those new funds.

Yesterday, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (MN) introduced an amendment (S.3538, amending S. Amdt. 3399 to H.R. 6147) to restore eligibility for trails for the new funding.

Write your senator now to support making trails, walking and biking eligible for new transportation funding!

Motorized and nonmotorized trail use accounts for nearly 12 percent of all trips in the U.S.—that’s why trails, crosswalks, sidewalks, and bike lanes are so important for a balanced transportation system. Yet these projects receive less than 2 percent of federal transportation funding.

These are wise investments that help create healthier, more connected communities. They also give us greater transportation choices and boost local economies, benefiting everyone.

Last year, Congress slipped through the same provision barring trails, walking and biking from new infrastructure funding—we can’t let that happen again.

The Senate could vote on this issue as early as this week. Please send a simple message: Make trails, walking, and biking eligible for new infrastructure funding today!

Thanks for all that you do to connect a nation with trails.


The American Trails Team