A Look Ahead With American Trails

As American Trails celebrates 30 years of service, we're looking towards the future of trails as well the goals of our organization.


by Mike Passo, Executive Director, American Trails

Mike Passo and Candace Gallagher in 2006 at the Quad Cities Symposium

Trails are irresistible and indispensable. In many ways, it feels like trails and the trails industry are stronger and more influential than we have ever been. Our strength lies in our collaboration with every kind of interest and activity in the trail community.

With your support, American Trails has become the collective voice for a diverse coalition of enthusiasts, professionals, advocates, land managers, conservationists, and friends of the outdoors and livable cities.

We’ve also engaged a remarkable variety of communities and organizations across America in hosting the trails symposium every two years since 1971. We look forward to seeing new trails and new faces in the future.

As we look forward to the next 30 years and beyond, we are embarking on a multi-year journey to renew and recommit to American Trails’ vision of advancing the development of diverse, high-quality trails and greenways for the benefit of people and communities.

The goals of American Trails are to work with all of you, to celebrate the diversity of the trails world, and to lead the trails industry into a sustainable future, while increasing our organization’s effectiveness and impact.

The future of trails has never been brighter. Join us in making sure that everyone has access to a great trail.