Giving Thanks

ATM Editor gives thanks to those who build!


by American Trails Staff

While our minds are on gratitude, and remembering our blessings, I would like to say thanks for what so many are giving. They are the people who are working for trails in every corner of America. They are creating trails that enrich our lives, inspire us to exercise, and lift up our spirits with connections to the natural world. So I’m thankful for:

  • Young men and women working for conservation corps on the hard tasks of building trails, fences, and rock walls
  • People everywhere volunteering for the dirty work of picking up trash, fixing the drainage, and hacking invasive plants
  • Tireless folks running local trail groups on the slimmest of budgets
  • Unpaid board members who get roped into writing newsletters, planning events, and driving to endless meetings
  • Planners and parks people in small towns and rural counties who make trails part of their jobs
  • Fathers and great-grandmothers teaching kids that trails are fun
  • Talented diplomats and publicists who spend years creating the right climate for greenway projects to proceed
  • All those elected to thankless offices who say “yes” when it’s easier to say “no”
  • The optimists who refuse to give up, who believe that every problem has a solution, and that every community deserves a trail

And finally, we want to thank every one of you who care about trails, and who make it possible for American Trails to represent our common interests throughout America. We wish you a happy Thanksgiving, and rewarding times on the trails you love.

— Stuart Macdonald, American Trails Magazine and website editor

Ribbon-cutting ceremony at Junction Bridge in Little Rock, Arkansas

Ribbon-cutting ceremony at Junction Bridge in Little Rock, Arkansas