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2004 American Trails Website Contest

Award winners are entitled to use the "Winning Website" logo on their own sites

We are pleased to announce the Winning Websites for the 2004 American Trails Website Contest. American Trails launched the first-ever contest to seek out the best websites in the cyberworld of trails and greenways. We looked for sites that really make trails come alive, and provide effective information delivery, support volunteers, and engage the public. In short, we want to showcase ways that advocates and agencies are making a difference for trails. See how to enter this year's website contest.

WINNING WEBSITES for 2004 by Category:

State agency site (for state trails program or trails in state parks):
~ Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Online Rails-to-Trails Guide compiles data and maps for many trails:

Trails on federal lands:
~ Bakersfield BLM website for the Case Mountain Bicycle/Hiking/Equestrian Trail, developed by volunteer Richard Graham:

Community trails system site:
~ Indy Parks Greenways, Indianapolis, has a page for each of its major trails including photos and maps:

Trail organization or club website:
~ The Ozark Trail Association website is managed by volunteers and showcases the trail and its supporters in an easy-to-follow manner:

Personal site or site maintained by an individual:
~ Go Clipless covers mountain bicycling routes in northern Virginia:

Designated National Recreation Trail website:
~ The Longleaf Trace is South Mississippi's premier running, biking, hiking, equestrian trail. The website contains a wealth of events, local support, and business along the trail. See the National Recreation Trail page celebrating the Longleaf Trace:

Presentation of plans and proposals (information or public involvement for a major trail project):
~ Friends of the Katy Trail in Dallas includes the trail's master plan as well as fundraising; the organization has raised over $14.4 million toward its goal of $23 million:

Education and trails training site:
~ Michigan Mountain Biking Association:

Graphics and site design:
~ The Confluence Greenway along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers where they meet in St. Louis:

Best use of photographs:
~ Adirondack Mountain Club - North Jersey Chapter conveys a real sense of the outdoors through outstanding photos attractively presented:

Trail tour or virtual visit:
~ San Francisco Virtual Walking Tour includes Muir Woods trails and other walking adventures:

Recognition and promotion of volunteerism:
Hoosier Rails To Trails Council an all-volunteer, state-wide, not-for-profit, citizens' rail-trail advocacy and assistance group:

Best site for kids and families:
~ The Student Conservation Association (SCA) provides conservation information, hundreds of opportunities for youth, and an online application tool:

Trail-related business or product:
~ Interpretive Graphics shows that providing interpretive and educational information for trails involves more than just making a sign:

Travel and tourism site for trails:
~ The Grand Illinois Trail, a 500-mile loop across northern Illinois from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River, includes descriptions of "Ten Great Trips":

Special category for 2004 to recognize an outstanding website:

Single event website
~ Rainier-to-Ruston Rail Trail Relay challenges teams to travel 50 miles by foot from the base of Mount Rainier to the seaon the Foothills Trail:

Also see the Winning Websites for 2007 -- 2005-06 -- 2003 -- 2002 and sites that were nominated.

Additional NOMINATED WEBSITES for 2004:

These websites were also nominated for this year's American Trails Website Contest. Visit these great sites for a virtual tour of trails and greenways across America!

~ Rails To Trails of the Withlacoochee State Trail:

~ Outdoor Travels reviews trails all over the state of Florida as well as the nation and other countries:

~ Cross Alert's website covers trail crossing protection equipment:

~ Arrowhead Trails, Inc provides a variety of services to aid in the design and construction of multi-use, natural surface trails:

~ The Goethe Trail, Inc. is an all volunteer support group started in 1996:

~ Your Guide to Bed, Breakfast and Biking lists B & B's and inns near bike trails and routes (on-road biking) with contact information and a link to the innkeeper's web site:

~ Trails of Anchorage provides information and virtual tours of Anchorage, Alaska, trails:

~ York County Trails has helped develop the mission of the York County Rail Trail Authority:

~ Dallas Off Road Bicycle Association (DORBA) covers the location of trails throughout North Texas with photos and maps:

~ Katemcy Rocks, Texas:

~ Capital Crescent Trail is a shared-use rail trail from Georgetown in DC to Silver Spring, MD:

~ is San Antonio's River Walk Locator with the trail route, businesses, hotels, and points of interest:

~ Greenways Foundation supports volunteerism, events, and enhancement of Central Indiana greenways:

~ The Nez Perce National Historic Trail:

~ Friends of the Prairie Spirit Rail Trail have worked for eight years to promote and enhance the trail:

~ Heritage Trail of Madison, Inc.:

~ has mountain bike trail description with community provided feedback, ratings, photos, maps, and downloadable GPS data:

~ Knik, Alaska includes information on the Old Carle Trail, the Herning Trail, and the Iditarod Trail:

Also see the Winning Websites and all sites nominated for 2007 and 2005-06 and 2004 and 2003 and for 2002.

American Trails would like to thank John Ansbro for his extensive research on the dozens of nominated websites for this contest. He has helped out every year with the website contest. John, who is a city planner in Evansville, Indiana, has also provided us with news items and websites to check out for many years.

What is the American Trails Website Contest?

Are you proud of your trail-related website? Every year American Trails sponsors the only contest to seek out the best websites in the world of trails and greenways. For information on contest rules and procedures see the nominations page.

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