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Cool trail solutions
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Share photos of good ideas for trails and greenways!

We are continually adding examples and ideas to the "Cool Trail Solutions" area at We'd love to see images of the trail-related facilities on your trail, and share it with the trails community.

Here's how to share photos of trails and greenways:

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Email either JPEG or TIFF files to if attachments are under 4 megabytes. Otherwise, mail us a CD formatted for "all computers" (not CD-RW) to: American Trails, P. O. Box 491797, Redding, CA 96049-1797.

INFORMATION: Along with your images, please send accompanying text electronically by email or on a cd with as much of the following information as possible:

1. Location: Trail name and general location (city or county, state)

2. Description: Provide a caption or helpful description for each image. Let us know the key points and what is significant about the photo. If you have a longer write-up or other details, we may be able to create an online illustrated article (see examples in our Resources area).

3. Who you are: Your name and photographer's name, (if different) and contact information

4. Permission: please indicate if you wish to place your photos in the public domain (may be copied and used by anyone) or if you retain all rights.

5. Contact: if you are you willing to be contacted by other trail enthusiasts seeking information about the project, indicate your preferred contact information such as email, phone, or postal address.

6. Online information: if possible, include website links to more information about the trail illustrated in your photos, such as the trail support organization or the managing agency.

Here are topics we're especially interested to illustrate with your photos:

  • Accessible trails and related structures
  • Trailheads - facilities and signs
  • Trailheads - parking and unloading areas
  • Interpretive signs and features
  • Trailside facilities
  • Art and artists on trails
  • Health promotion of trails (information kiosks, mile markers, etc.)
  • Scenic viewpoints
  • Mountain bike trail design and features
  • Equestrian trail design and management
  • Urban trails and bike/ped facilities
  • Shared use trails and management issues
  • Vehicular intersections
  • Materials and surfaces
  • Water management
  • Stream crossings and bridges
  • Boardwalks and other structures
  • Any good ideas you see out on the trails!

If you have questions contact American Trails at (530) 547-2060 or

Please send all text and photos either by mail to or mail us a CD formatted for "all computers" (not CD-RW) to: American Trails, P. O. Box 491797, Redding, CA 96049-1797.

American Trails offers this website as a public resource of solutions to trail problems by trails specialists and enthusiasts from across the country. The photographs and information presented here may have not been evaluated for their structural, safety or legal capacities and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or support of American Trails.

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