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Pannier Graphics

345 Oak Road, Gibsonia, PA 15044
(800) 544-8428



What is it, really, that makes a trail great? It’s not the terrain, nor is it the location. It’s not even how breathtaking the views are.

Pannier GraphicsWhat makes a trail really, truly great are the hard-working individuals that help to conserve and beautify the trails. Thanks to them, we all have places we can retreat to when we need solace, peace, and tranquility. Pannier’s goal is toPannier Graphics work with these groups to help educate the trail-goers as they set out on their adventures... wherever they may go.

At Pannier, we combine high resolution, vibrant graphics along with any other information you can dream up. From maps, to manuscripts and textual information, to detailed illustrations… it can all be embedded, together, behind a strong fiberglass surface. The beauty of your design will not be blurred or dimmed in any way. On top of that, our signs and panels are easily recoverable from any form of vandalism, and they are engineered to live in the harshest of environments. Whether your trail meanders through Death Valley, or is routinely covered by the snowdrifts of Alaska, you can rest easy knowing that your panels and frames will emerge unscathed.

Pannier GraphicsPannier’s products are also surprisingly flexible. We have the solution to meet your signage requirements. We are built for the outdoors, but we are also beautiful inside your visitor center. We can go framed or frameless, and we can also cut our panels out to any shape you want. We are very well versed in the art of life size cutouts. Both people AND animals!

Our product is reliable and our people are dependable. Two thirds of our new business every year comes from referrals – we believe that says it all.

Our product is also responsible. By owning a Pannier sign, you are ensuring that you Pannier Graphicsare not continually generating waste by replacing your signs every year, or even every other year. These panels are designed to last – backed by a full 10 year warranty. By controlling all of our own production (printing, panels, and frames all under one roof), we are able to ensure that we exercise the most environmentally friendly practices possible.

Key features and benefits:

  • Solid, one piece panel - Panel will never break or peel
  • Subsurface graphics with UV resistant coatings - Your colors will be brilliant for years to come
  • Resistant to graffiti and vandals - Spray paint can be easily wiped away, scratches and surface damage will never damage your graphics
  • Extreme durability - Tough as nails for the most extreme weather conditions
  • High resolution digital graphics - Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applicationsPannier Graphics
  • Easy to maintain framing system - Panels can slide out for easy cleaning or changing
  • High strength aluminum frames and bases - Rust? What rust?
  • Everything under one roof - From proof to panel and frame, we ship direct from our own warehouse
  • Need graphic design services? - We have a full time creative department ready to give design consultation
  • Completely customized - We have a complete line of exhibit frames and bases to complement your panels
  • 10 year warranty - We have stood behind our product for over 30 years



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