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Accessible trails and greenways
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Trail Explorer website provides Universal Access information

National trails database with information on accessible trails is under development at

From American Trails

Although many people with disabilities enjoy visiting outdoor parks and recreational areas, there is currently no easy means for them to obtain information on trails around the country. American Trails Board member Peter Axelson is working on this problem with a grant from the U. S. Department of Education. Peter's company, Beneficial Designs, Inc., is working in partnership with American Trails and BusinessWare, Inc., to develop a prototype searchable web site database which will convey trail access information across North America. The goal is to have every trail in the nation in the database one day.

During web site development in collaboration with federal, state, and local trail managers, this project will standardize trail information, and enter data on at least 500 trails that will allow users to search for trails based on a choice of characteristics. This web site, called Trail Explorer, provides information on public lands with accessibility data for individual trails and a search engine for a large trail access information database. Product information, advertisements, and links to other related web sites will also be provided. The American Trails home page is the internet portal to the Trail Explorer site at

The web site is expected to increase recreation by persons with mobility limitations, and improve trail information for people of all abilities. This information will enable trail users to make more informed decisions about which public lands to visit and which trails better meet their interests and abilities.

Your input will help evaluate the Trail Explorer Website. See the site and fill out the questionnaire at

The Trail Explorer access information being published on the Internet will make it easier for people of all abilities to participate in outdoor recreation. Much new trails information is being added as agencies and trail groups provide data from the UTAP trail evaluation process. California, for instance is providing information on the trails in all of its State Parks.

Feedback from recreation agencies, trail user groups, and persons with mobility and visual limitations will be used to refine the features of the website. A stand-alone, robust web server will be created and optimized for speed and usability. American Trails will help with further development of the site.

Get involved with the single most useful trails project in the country! Access trail information anywhere in the country via a computer at an agency visitor center, an outdoor retail store, or from the comfort of your own home! Agencies benefit as American Trails will manage the system.

American Trails needs website reviewers during the research phase of this project and agencies willing to enter their trail data in to the prototype database. Contact the American Trails office if you are interested in either of these opportunities: (530) 547-2060 or


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