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18th National Trails Symposium Quad Cities October 19-22, 2006

INSTRUCTIONS for submitting a Symposium proposal
See Presentation Topics to Consider and the Call for Presentations


The Program Committee looks forward to receiving your ideas. Due to the tremendous number of proposals expected, we will not be able to accept every proposal and we may combine individual proposals with similar topics to create a Panel Session. We anticipate over 150 presenters. The Program Team will review all submissions and contact session coordinators and presenters no later than June 30, 2006.

Unfortunately, with these numbers, we are unable to cover expenses, so speakers are expected to pay the Symposium registration fee and travel expenses. It is considered an honor to present in front of your peers. A limited number of scholarships may be available to offset some costs. But these scholarships are primarily for presenters outside of the trails community that wouldn't otherwise be attending.

Please submit the following information for your proposal by April 1, 2006.

Please limit your response to items 1 through 5 to a single page, left justified, 11 point font minimum:

1. Proposed Title of Presentation (think creatively - see Presentation Topics to Consider).

2. Describe the presentation and its purpose.

3. List three learning objectives.


  • Topic: "Armored Crossings: A Bridge Under Troubled Water"
  • Objectives: a. To explore alternatives to bridge building
    b. To outline how to repair and prevent erosion in trouble-prone areas
    c. To list alternative ways to reinforce loose soils
  • Topic: "Transportation Alternatives, Connectivity, and Walkability"
  • Objectives: a. To describe how land use and transportation facilities affect transportation mode choice
    b. To discuss initiatives and methods to improve walking and bicycling conditions, leading to improved quality of life
    c. To list types of facilities and land uses that support walking and bicycling for destination-oriented trips as well as for recreation

Suggested verbs for writing learning outcomes include:

count define describe identify list name outline
quote read recall summarize recognize reproduce state
write discuss give estimate examples predict  

Do not use:

know understand appreciate identify enhance grasp learn improve

4. What benefits do you expect that attendees will gain from your presentation?

5. How will your proposed session relate or contribute to the Symposium theme? (Trails for America: Every Where, Every Way, Every Day)

6. Under what general topic area(s) do you think your proposal falls? Please refer to the list of potential topics attached.

7. Which presentation type do you propose? Choose your first priority from the following:

a. Individual Presentation (single speaker)
b. Panel Presentation (multiple speakers on a related topic)
c. Posters (displayed throughout the length of the Symposium)

8. What is your contact information? Please provide the following:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Affiliation/Organization
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Email Address
  • Website Address (if applicable for your topic or organization)

If proposing a Panel Presentation, please provide the same contact information for each speaker and the moderator.

9. Please list any anticipated A/V equipment needs.

In order to expedite the presentation review process, we require that all proposals be submitted electronically (email, floppy disk or CD). If possible, save the document in Rich Text Format (RTF) or Microsoft Word (doc) and scan for viruses prior to submission. Applicants are welcome to submit up to two attachments (documents, photos, brochures, publications, videos, etc.) that help to further describe or clarify the topic/presentation. Attachments need not be in electronic format, but they must be submitted with the proposal.

To submit by disk, mail your proposal on disk and any hardcopy attachments in the same envelope to:

Rory Robinson, Outdoor Recreation Planner
National Park Service, RTCA
2179 Everett Road
Peninsula, OH 44262

To submit by email, send your proposal and any electronic attachments in the same email to: Please type "NTS Proposal" in the subject line.

For questions regarding the program or submitting proposals, please contact the Program Team Chair: Rory Robinson, Tel: (330) 657-2951; Fax: (330) 657-2955;

Deadline for Submitting Proposals: April 1, 2006

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Updated November 19, 2006

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