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Railings along trails and greenways in urban areas

When is a railing needed for safety? Deciding where to put railings along trails is a very inexact science. Safety concerns impell managers and designers to specify that railings are placed where there is a drop-off along bikeways and walkways. Where there is a vertical drop of several feet, such as on a bridge, it's easy to see that a railing is a good idea. Where the trail edge slopes down more gently, there is no hard and fast rule. Moreover, the railing can be a hazard in itself. Unless the trail is very wide, people "shying away" from the rail can collide with each other. Accessibility is another point of confusion. For building access ramps, handrails are required. In the outdoor environment, there is no railing requirement in the proposed guidelines for Developed Outdoor Areas. It is typical on backcountry trails and bridges that steep dropoffs are often encountered without any protection, even along bridges.

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(Photos and commentary by Stuart Macdonald)

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