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Dogs on the trail: signs and regulations

Photos and commentary by Stuart Macdonald

One of the most popular trail activities is walking with dogs. For many people, a trip to a trail invariably means a walk with the dog. For some, the real goal is to let the dog run free. In many urban locations "dog parks" are being provided for that purpose. To reinforce leash laws in other locations, trail managers are posting signs to remind visitors. In habitat areas, especially, leash laws are enforced to prevent dogs from chasing shorebirds or other animals. Another change in polite society that has emerged in the last couple of decades is an intolerance of dog waste on sidewalks, in parks, and increasingly, along trails. A new industry has sprung up to provide park managers with signs and bag dispensers to accomodate this need. A variety of home-made facilities can also be found in more informal settings.

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