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Trails crossing roads: non-signalized

Treatments of road crossings by trails to alert trail users. Potential hazards exist every time a trail crosses a street or roadway. Trail and bikeway crossings may use the same warnings and crosswalks as standard pedestrian crossings. Others use creative signs to warn trail users to stop and be alert to motorized traffic. Standard red Stop signs are generally used on trails where they cross roadways. Painted crosswalks are another typical feature. The following examples are taken from various trails across the United States. See photos of roadway signs and pavement markings to alert motorists to trail crossing ahead.

arrow Also see photo gallery of fencing and warning signs for trailside construction

arrow Also see photo gallery of maps at trailheads and trailhead signs

Click on any photo to see it full size:

(Commentary and photos by Stuart Macdonald, November 2009)

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