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Power lines along trails

Electric transmission along trails, railtrails, and greenways. Trails are often built in utility corridors of all kinds, from underground pipelines to electric power lines overhead. There may be hundreds of trails across the country that follow power line corridors. Over the years some articles have raised concerns about electro magnetic fields (EMF) emanating from power lines. However, research seems to find that trails along electric lines are safe. While it easy to take a photo showing huge structures towering over trails, when you are actually hiking or riding along the corridor the poles or towers are not so obtrusive. In urban areas these utility corridors are often essential connectors because they are wide swaths through built-up area. In rural areas the dirt maintenance roads have been made available to bicyclists, OHV riders, and snowmobilers through formal public use agreements. The photos show a variety of examples of trails along power lines.

arrow For trail management issues see Safe management of power line trails

arrow See the Trail Corridors & Land Acquisition index for more on utility corridor trails

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(Commentary and photos by Stuart Macdonald, posted July 2010)

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