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Training and education

PEL Consulting

PEL Consulting provides professional development and research services related to trail use and other types of recreation that includes people with disabilities. Services are provided throughout Canada and the USA through the provisions of NAFTA. Principal is Patti Longmuir.

Training and workshops offered

Training courses are offered in accessible and universal trail design, the Universal Trail Assessment Process, and providing trail and recreation services to people of all abilities. Other training opportunities include creating positive attitudes towards inclusive services, effective advocacy, and inclusion in fitness and physical activity services.

Publications and resources

Patti Longmuir is a co-author or chapter author of the following texts:

Axelson, P., Longmuir, P., Mispagel, K., Passo, M. (2003). Universal Trail Assessment Process Trainer Manual. Minden, NV: PAX Press

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Axelson, P.W., Yamada Chesney, D., Longmuir, P.E., & Wright, W. (1998). Computerized mapping of outdoor trails for accessibility. Phase II final report. Bethesda, MD: National Institute of Child Health and Human development, National Institutes of Health.

Longmuir, P.E., & Axelson P.W. (1996). Assistive technology for recreation. In J.C. Galvin and M.J. Scherer (Eds.). Evaluating, selecting and using appropriate assistive technology. Gaithersburg, MD: Aspen Publishers, Inc., pp. 162-191.

Longmuir, P.E., & Axelson, P.W. (In review). Sport equipment. In S. Gavron and K. DePauw (Eds.), Disability and Sport. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.Longmuir, P.E., Finney, D., & Conrad, J. (In review). Canadian TrailPAQ Inventory Process training manual. Ottawa, ON: Go for Green.

Contact information

Patti Longmuir, PEL Consulting
159 Broadlands Blvd., Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3A 1K1
Phone: (416) 445-2358 - Fax: (416) 445-2347

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Updated March 26, 2007

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