2006 National Recreation Trails Photo Contest/GAPcarrie-PA.jpg

Carrie Furnace on the Steel Valley section of the Great Allegheny Passage; the Waterfront section of Steel Valley Trail in Homestead PA, looking across the Monongahela River. The old Homestead Works of the US Steel Corporation on the banks of the Monongahela River is being redeveloped as "The Waterfront," a shopping, living, dining, and entertainment complex. Trail is also being developed on the other side of the river. Eventually this trail will reach the Carrie Furnace complex, site of the historic 1892 battle between striking steelworkers and the Pinkerton detective agency. In its prime, Carrie Furnace produced 600 tons of steel ingots each day. The hot ingots were carried across the single-purpose "hot metal bridge" to the rolling mills in Homestead. This photo is taken from the trail in The Waterfront, looking across the Monongahela River to Carrie Furnace. The hot metal bridge, just to the right of this photo, will become a trail bridge linking the two riverside trails (photo by Mary Shaw; all rights reserved).

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