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Cool trail solutions
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Cedar View Trail bridge designs, Fairfield, Iowa

Artist Judy Bales worked with the Jefferson County Conservation Board and Jefferson County Trails Council to create art enhancements to two bridges on the Cedar View Trail, in Fairfield, Iowa. The project was made possible by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and by contributions from local organizations. The project involved the retrofitting of self-oxidizing steel elements to an existing bridge, and decorative brick pavers at the approaches of a new bridge.

The additions to the older bridge consist of 78 stylized tree forms (four designs repeat throughout the 380 foot bridge) as well as wing panels at approaches to the bridge. The artist concept was to soften and visually integrate the very industrial looking bridge into the beautiful woodland surroundings, while not obscuring the view of the creek and woodlands. Additional enhancements planned for the bridge include flagstone pavers at the approaches.

The Cedar View Bridge, completed in 2007, gives safe passage over the Fairfield Bypass, and the pavers reflect this transportation connection. This beautiful wooded trail was once a rail corridor, and the pavers echo a rail design, whispering history to the trail users. Community volunteers installed all of the enhancements to the bridges.

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