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New businesses along Great Allegheny Passage trail

An estimated 800,000 trips are taken annually on the Great Allegheny Passage, a 141-mile system of biking and hiking trails from Cumberland, MD to Homestead, PA: * Annual direct spending attributed to trail users was $40.8 million in 2008, up from $7.26 million in 2002. * Total annual wages attributed to trail user spending: $7.5 million. * Since 2007, 93 new trail-related businesses opened in the Trail Towns while 19 businesses closed, for a net gain of 47 new businesses. * 77% of businesses opened since 2007 remain in operation. * Business owners attribute 25% of revenues to their proximity to the trail. Read more at:...

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Making the Case for Trails in Tight Economic Times

SUBMIT COMMENTS BELOW: On September 22, American Trails held a webinar on “Making the Case for Trails in Tight Economic Times.” It highlighted sound ideas and hard numbers to illustrate the contribution of trails to the prosperity of communities. Attendees learned about some recent studies and enjoyed an overview of state and national trends and statistics. Let’s keep the dialogue going ~ What are your challenges? How have you been successful in “selling” the economic benefits of trails? How is your community addressing budget cuts – are trails at the top of the “chopping block?” Are there bold public officials standing up for trails, and if so, what are they saying about their benefits? Let us know about your success stories. Are there studies you would like to share with others?  Do you have questions?  How about answers? Learn more about our webinar and access hundreds of surveys, studies, articles, etc., on the web pages we created for this topic:...

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