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Connecting youth with nature… on a trail

An important trend has been documenting the benefits of trails, not only in the arena of jobs and the economy, but also health and fitness. American Trails has been a leader in conveying the physical, social, and spiritual benefits of trails in our increasingly harried world. Trails have become the souls of our communities— landmarks that define character and meeting places that beckon outdoor enthusiasts. They also serve as highly effective means to burn calories and combat unhealthy lifestyles among adults. Now in light of emerging data, American Trails has broadened its lens to focus on children and the...

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Inspiring children to become lifelong stewards of our great outdoors and trails

We are proud to announce that American Trails Board member Jenny Rigby was honored for contributions to the field of environmental education by the North American Association for Environmental Education. Receiving the group’s Outstanding Service Award, Acorn Naturalists and The Acorn Group were recognized for their accomplishments, green business practices, and dedication to advancing the field. The companies have managed development of California’s Master Plan for Environmental Education, played a key role in developing California’s Education and the Environmental Initiative, and produced over 150 master plans for park visitor centers and trail systems. The reach of Jenny’s two organizations...

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Success or chaos: attitude makes the difference

The bicycle and pedestrian facilities of European cities are often cited as examples of an enlightened future. It is certainly fascinating to see how many people are walking, cycling, and riding transit– but the streets are still thronged with cars and every sort of wheeled conveyance. On a recent trip to France and Belgium I was interested to see how all this transportation interaction works out. One point that struck me is the difference in attitudes between Americans and Europeans. Drivers in the US are not accustomed to obstacles on the road except for other cars. You’ll hear a...

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Giving Thanks

While our minds are on gratitude, and remembering our blessings, I would like to say thanks for what so many are giving. They are the people who are working for trails in every corner of America. They are creating trails that enrich our lives, inspire us to exercise, and lift up our spirits with connections to the natural world. So I’m thankful for– – Young men and women working for conservation corps on the hard tasks of building trails, fences, and rock walls – People everywhere volunteering for the dirty work of picking up trash, fixing the drainage, and...

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Korea Hosts Another Outstanding World Trails Conference

Once again trail leaders in Korea hosted an outstanding World Trails Conference. It was informative, productive and just plain fun! The event was held on Jeju Island, a sub-tropical province of Korea off that nation’s south coast. More than 17 nations participated from Uganda to Canada. This was the second year that American Trails was honored to participate. One of the outstanding features of the conference was the poster session where each nation displayed their favorite trail information and each participant gave a five-minute  presentation. This was incredibly informative. In addition there were plenary sessions including presentations ranging from...

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