American Trails is about to release a new survey asking for your ideas, opinions, and concerns about training for trails and greenways work. This survey is conducted by American Trails in cooperation with the National Trails Training Partnership (NTTP). The NTTP is a nationwide partnership of organizations, agencies, States, and businesses committed to improving trail-related training and skills.

We’d like to know your experience and ideas, such as:

•            What types of training and delivery methods do you feel are effective?

•            On which topics are more or better training needed?

•            What good examples of training are you acquainted with?

•            Which areas of the NTTP website are most useful? which need more work?

We’ll release the survey to the public next week through an American Trails email alert. Thanks for taking some time to help us with this important issue!

— Stuart Macdonald, NTTP project coordinator for American Trails

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