On New York’s Erie Canal Trail, bicyclists represent potential customers who can bring revenue into local community by patronizing businesses that meet their needs and contribute to their overall desired experience. And when a particular bicycling destination is so appealing to bicyclists that they will come from some distance away to enjoy it, the dollars they bring with them can be significant.

Bike-friendly business along the Erie Canal Trail

At the community level, being bicycle-friendly refers to:
• The ease with which cyclists on the Canalway Trail can learn about and find their way to services they need.
• The degree to which they can readily explore and experience the uniqueness of a particular community.

To enhance bike friendliness, communities should work on:
• Drawing bicyclists in; getting them to pause long enough to discover what you offer and then, by appealing to their interests, enticing them to leave the trail and explore your community.
• Facilitating travel into and throughout your community.
• Delighting them with what they find.

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