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Winners have been announced for the 2017 "Annual Achievement Awards" in recognition of outstanding use of Recreational Trails Program (RTP) funds. The awards are hosted by the Coalition for Recreational Trails as part of annual efforts by national trails and outdoor recreation organizations to highlight the importance of RTP funding to States across America.

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Woodruff Greenway Trail - South Carolina

Education and Communication

photo of high school girls on the trail

Enjoying the Woodruff Greenway Trail


The Woodruff Greenway Trail was completed in the fall of 2014 and provides an outstanding model of how strong partnerships can result in quality outdoor recreational facilities. Project partners included Spartanburg County Parks Department, which provided over $250,000 in matching funds to complete the trail, the City of Woodruff, local nonprofit organization Partners for Active Living, and Spartanburg County School District 4.

Woodruff, a predominately rural town proactively sought to utilize its natural land features to develop environments that encourage active living, outdoor recreation, experiential education, and ecotourism.

A primary goal of all Spartanburg County Parks Department trails projects has been to develop trails and linear parks within and connecting to existing facilities. Spartanburg County Parks Department operates the Woodruff Leisure/Community Center on land leased from the City of Woodruff. Adjacent to this property is Spartanburg School District 4 property where Woodruff Middle School is located.

photo of bicycle along paved trail

Woodruff Greenway Trail


The project that received RTP funding developed a .82 mile 8' wide asphalt trail, including two pedestrian bridges, connecting the Leisure Center to Woodruff Middle School, with the design, construction documents, and necessary local, state, and federal permits provided by Seamon Whitesides Associates (Landscape Architects/Engineers). This trail serves as the main artery from which a network of side trails will eventually be developed to take advantage of the full 92 acres of publicly owned land.

The pathway has become important to the citizens in and around the vicinity of Woodruff which previously lacking any semblance of a trail system. Sidewalks adjacent to the Middle School connect multiple residential areas, schools, and downtown Woodruff not only to the trail, but also the Leisure Center and accompanying green space now offering various classes, programs, and activities for students, adults, and seniors.

Spartanburg County Parks Department became involved with the Woodruff Trail idea at the encouragement of Partners for Active Living, which had been working (through funding from a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant) to facilitate partnerships that have helped attain some of Woodruff's goals related to childhood obesity. Other community organizations have come on board as partners including The Woodruff Main Street Program, The United Way of the Piedmont (Born Learning Trail), Boy Scouts of America, and many school organizations.

A playground, outdoor fitness equipment, cricket/multi-purpose field, and community garden have all been recent additions and improvements adjacent to the trail. The Spartanburg County Parks Department maintenance and Woodruff Leisure Center staff, along with Spartanburg School District 4 and community volunteers are maintaining the trail. As noted in the attached information, The Woodruff Greenway Trail has quickly become a source of exercise, active living, walkability and an event venue for the surrounding community.

photo of women hiking

Fall on the trail



In May, 2014, United Way Young Leaders secured a grant from The Spartanburg County Foundation to install fourteen Born Learning Trails all across Spartanburg County. The Born Learning Trail is a set of 10 engaging signs to help parents and caregivers create learning opportunities for young children.

These trails show parents and caregivers how to turn everyday activities into learning moments. Each sign displays fun and interactive games promoting physical activity that exercises a child's mind and body. Each sign has learning activities that parents or caregivers can play with young children at different ages. In front of each sign are drawings that correspond to activities on the sign.


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