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Skull Hollow Nature Trail

Location Oologah Lake is located about 2 miles East of the town of Oologah on Highway 88 in Rogers County, Oklahoma, and about 27 miles northeast of Tulsa in Rogers County, Oklahoma.
State(s) Oklahoma
Counties Rogers County
Type Nature Trail
Length 2.50 Miles / 4.02 Km Loop Trail? Yes
Allowed Uses Pedestrian - Walking/Hiking/Running
Wildlife Observation
Agency U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Entry Fee? No Parking Fee? Yes




photo: Skull Hollow Nature Trail - Trailhead
Skull Hollow Nature Trail - Trailhead

History of Skull Hollow
Skull Hollow Nature Trail is situated in the oak-hickory woods of Northeast Oklahoma. This region was once part of the largest district in the Cherokee Indian Territory.
The name Skull Hollow came about back when the area was still Indian Territory. It seems a Texas cowman, who had a herd of cattle at Old Alluwe, came to the McDaniel Trading Post looking for some strays. Two Cherokees, Louis McNair and “Dirt Pot” rode in from the west and also stopped at the post, which was on the north bank of the Caney River and about four miles south of Oologah. When the cowman stopped, he noticed his horse was lame and proceeded to the blacksmith's shop to have the horse examined.
After the horse was shod, he pulled out a large roll of money, but the blacksmith could not make change and told him to drop it by later. The cowman rode off toward his home ranch. Shortly afterward, Louis McNair and “Dirt Pot” started off on their horses in the same direction. The cowman mysteriously disappeared and later a skull was found in what is now known as “Skull Hollow”.

Description of the Trail
Three different routes are available on the Skull Hollow Nature Trail: Short Loop, Long Loop, and a Hiking Trail.
The short loop is about a third of a mile long and has several trees and shrubs labeled along the path. It is designed for those who wish to take a brief look at an oak-hickory type forest co (Continued...)


Visitor Information

Date Opens: 4/1 - Date Closes: 10/31

Time Opens: 6:00am - Time Closes: 10:00pm


Skull Hollow Nature Trail is located at Hawthorn Bluff Camground, 2 miles east of Oologah on Highway 88.


Additional Information

Width: 72 inches.

Primary Surface: Soil, Compacted

Secondary Surface: None

Average Grade: 0%

Elevation Low Point: Not Available

Elevation High Point: Not Available

Year Designated: 1995

Date Last Updated: 04/08/2014


Contact Information

Park Ranger:
Tabitha Nixon
Park Ranger
US Army Corps of Engineers
8400 E. Hwy 88
Oologah , OK 74053
(918) 443-2250


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