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Black Canyon Water Trail

Location The trail is located on the Colorado River beginning at the Hoover Dam Security Zone and extending south for approximately 30 miles to Eldorado Canyon, within Lake Mead National Recreation Area.
State(s) Nevada, Arizona
Counties Clark, Mohave
Type National Water Trails System
Length 30.00 Miles / 48.28 Km Loop Trail? No
Allowed Uses Boating, Motorized
Boating, non-motorized: Canoeing
Boating, non-motorized: Kayaking
Boating, non-motorized: Rafting
Heritage and History
Wildlife Observation
Entry Fee? Yes Parking Fee? No




This trail is part of the National Water Trails System

The Black Canyon Water Trail is located within Lake Mead National Recreation Area, a unit of the National Park System. The trip begins, as the river flows, at the base of Hoover Dam, one of the engineering marvels of the world and meanders through 30 miles of the Colorado River where it enters Lake Mohave. This spectacular river setting provides unique paddling and rafting opportunities that are not matched in the southwestern United States. There are flowing hot springs in some of the side canyons and a great deal of history associated with the construction of and research connected to Hoover Dam including a sauna cave, gauging stations, catwalks, trails and foundations of early inhabitants.

Approximately 12 miles downstream from Hoover Dam, you arrive at Willow Beach, a developed area which is the only road accessible portion of the 30 mile stretch of river. Willow Beach is a historic river access site and is developed with all the amenities one would associate with a National Park Service development site. Rental craft are available at Willow Beach for those who would like to access the river from this location.

The river, in the next segment, transitions into a lake but maintains the canyon environment with small bays and beaches appearing as you continue down stream. The setting is extreme and remote with designated wilderness on the Nevada side of the river and proposed wilderness on the Arizona side. As you approach Eldorado Can (Continued...)


Visitor Information

Date Opens: 1/1 - Date Closes: 12/31

Time Opens: Not Available - Time Closes: Not Available

Access at Hoover Dam is by permit only and visitors must be escorted to the launch site at three preset launch times.


The 30-mile water trail is assessable at three points: Hoover Dam, Willow Beach and Eldorado Canyon.
Hoover Dam 36 00' 58.26" 114 44' 13.62"
Willow Beach 35 52' 10.63" 114 39' 38.48"
Eldorado Canyon 35 42' 27.30" 114 42' 28.30"


Additional Information

Width: 0 inches.

Primary Surface: Not Available

Secondary Surface: Rock, boulders
Rock, smooth
Water, still

Average Grade: 0%

Elevation Low Point: Not Available

Elevation High Point: Not Available

Year Designated: 2016

Date Last Updated: 07/11/2017


Contact Information

Public Contact:
William Dickinson
National Park Service
601 Nevada Way
Boulder City , NV 89005
702 293-8920

Trail Management:
Robert Skordas
Deputy Area Manager
Bureau of Reclamation
Lower Colorado Dams Office
P.O. Box 60400
Boulder City , NV 89006 -0400
(702) 494-2301


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