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More about Redding, California

The 15th National Trails Symposium will be held September 21-24, 2000 in Redding, California (see photo of Redding from the air). Gateway to the trails of the Shasta Cascade, Redding has developed one of the newest multiple-use urban trail systems in the country, providing quality of experience, environmental sensitivity, and unique design and aesthetics. Redding's primary trail follows the banks of the Sacramento River as it meanders through the city. Using historic rail beds, mining roads, and unusual pedestrian bridges, the River Trail links the river's history, recreation and cultural experiences with residential neighborhoods.

Redding's proposed pedestrian bridge will be not only an artistic statement but a tribute to its beautiful river setting.

See the rivers, mountains, and lakes of the Redding region from the air on ASCOT Aviation! A variety of aerial tours are available.

For photos and detailed maps of the river: A Boating Trail Guide to the Sacramento River From Redding to Red Bluff

*PAGE 2: More information and contacts for the Sacramento River

Turtle Bay Museums and arboretum on the Sacramento River in Redding: http://www.turtlebay.org/ See a map of the Turtle Bay Exploration Park where the Gold Rush Round-Up Party will be held.

Aerial photo of the Paul Bunyan Forest Camp, one of the museums of Turtle Bay - just across the Sacramento River from the Arboretum. Part of the closing night festivities are to be held here.

redding.com news : Redding's newspaper and community site

For a Directory of Business in the Redding Area: http://www.redding-online.com/

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