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New trail bridge will be built in Redding over Sacramento River

The Turtle Bay Pedestrian Bridge, now under construction, will cross the Sacramento River at a spectacular site in central Redding, California. Scheduled for completion in 2002, the bridge will serve as a new icon, and a great new source of pride, for Redding. The bridge will link the north and south portions of the new Turtle Bay Exploration Park, as well as serve as a new downtown entrance for Redding's Sacramento River Trail system.

The unusual design was conceived by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, the world's premier bridge designer. Calatrava has built bridges, airports, rail terminals, stadiums, and other structures around the world. Though he recently completed a major expansion of the Milwaukee Art Museum, this is his first major bridge in the United States.

In a community that is changing and celebrating new ideas, the Turtle Bay Pedestrian Bridge celebrates human creativity and ingenuity-important themes of the major interpretive park being built at each end of the bridge. Its elegant span evokes a sense of weightlessness. The tapered mast leans due north, functioning as a sundial which will be interpreted in a plaza at the north end. The bridge's non-skid glass decking, while not transparent, will add to the weightlessness of the bridge and provide for spectacular night lighting possibilities.

The bridge is not only an artistic statement but a tribute to its beautiful river setting. Like the buildings being constructed for the Exploration Park, it uses transparency and thinness to sit lightly on some of the last remaining riparian habitat along the Sacramento River. The tall mast and cable stays allow the bridge to avoid nearby sensitive salmon spawning habitat while encouraging public appreciation for the river.

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